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Who We Are

PolisPlan is a partnership of planning and engineering professionals with expertise in strategic land-use planning, local infrastructure planning and flood risk management. We work with local government, developers, land-owners and local communities to facilitate the planning and delivery of housing and public infrastructure.

PolisPlan aims to encourage and assist communities to build their cities by collaborating in the delivery of public infrastructure, cooperating to manage the natural environment and in so doing, building a sense of community. We are now researching approaches to assist communities who are building their private housing integrated with their shared infrastructure so as to create ‘intentional communities’ and integrated eco-villages.

Our Philosophy

This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.   ‒ Plato

Our philosophy is simply that cities reflect their citizens. We believe it is our own choices that create the city we live in and therefore the life that we lead.

The city consists of private property and the public domain; the parts that are owned exclusively by individuals and corporations and the parts that we share. The public domain includes our shared infrastructure, our shared natural environment and our shared desire to live in a just city.

The question then is, how much time do we invest in managing ourselves and our personal assets and how much time do we invest in others?

At PolisPlan, our aim is to highlight the value of the public domain.

Partners and Affiliations